Due to covid-19, we have suspended all volunteer opportunities except for the lunch and dinner programs. We will update the website as soon as volunteer activities restart.


Are you interested in volunteering? All volunteers will need to complete the following forms. Please write your full name (no nicknames) legibly.

  1. Volunteer Application & Waivers
Individual volunteers from groups do not have to fill out an application, but do need to sign and complete the below form.
  1. Group-Volunteer-Information-and-Waiver-Form
Please send your completed application or any questions to Helen Domenici, our Volunteer Coordinator, at Helen@steppingstonesshelter.org or fax to (301) 762-0040.


Volunteer Opportunities

We welcome individual volunteers as well as group volunteers to help Stepping Stones in a variety of different ways.

 Board Committee Opportunities

Stepping Stones is managed by a Board of Directors, and we are always on the lookout for committed members of the community who are interested in a variety of service opportunities on our Board.

Youth Volunteers

We are SSL approved, and have in shelter volunteer opportunities for youth ages 15 and older. 

Youth of any age can also earn SSL hours for providing meals, holding a donation drive or another approved off site project.

Please note: All off site SSL hours for projects must be pre-approved by Helen Domenici, our Volunteer and In Kind Donations Coordinator, in advance. Please submit your request to Helen at Helen@steppingstonesshelter.org .