Families Experiences & Stories


Elizabeth’s Story

As a working mom with six children, she traveled frequently with her children, struggling to find stability. She moved in with her parents temporarily until she sought assistance in the homeless system, arriving at Stepping Stones in March of 2015.

During her time here, Elizabeth demonstrated a good work ethic, resourcefulness, and persistence while determining what was best for her family. Together with her case worker, she devised a plan to relocate her family to North Carolina where she found employment and the cost of living was lower. Once she found housing, Stepping Stones purchased her a Greyhound round-trip bus fare so that she could place a deposit on the unit she had found.

After securing housing, Stepping Stones helped to find furniture items for Elizabeth, thanks to the generosity of St. Patrick’s Church in Rockville. Following this thorough and exciting process, Elizabeth and her family embarked on their eight-hour journey to their new home in North Carolina.

Jasmine’s Experience