Stepping Stones Donation Policies

Dear Stepping Stones Donors, 

Because of the overwhelming generosity of our surrounding community, it has become apparent to us that we need to improve our donation process in order to; 1) manage the volume of in-kind donations more effectively; 2) communicate our needs with more consistency; and 3) provide clarity to our donors and staff as to which items we do and do not accept.

We always recognize and appreciate the good intentions behind every donation. However, the volume at which some items are donated is often beyond our capacity while we find ourselves in need of other items. For instance, there are months when we have to re-donate a significant portion of the clothing donated to us while we do not have enough laundry detergent for our current residents or the ability to give a family moving out a set of sheets for their children’s beds. By calling beforehand to let us know what you would like to donate, it allows us to direct you to the most appropriate place.

We are determined to improve our donation process to be sure that your items get to those who need them most, whether here at Stepping Stones or to another charitable organization. We hope that in doing so, we can provide clarity, guidelines, consistency, and open communication channels to all parties involved, including our donors, staff, and volunteers. However, in order to transform and improve this process, we need your cooperation.

 CLICK HERE to view our Donation Policies


The Stepping Stones Staff

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